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And another piece of red left my atlas today.........

*written by Bob Geldof
*from the album "Mondo Bongo"
words up
Bravo for your swagger-jackin'
I'm overwhelmed by your dedication
You actually fooled these people into thinkin'
That your music was innovative
on the street or I'm out at the mall
And people be talking that blah blah blah
Ha ha ha ha ha
But anyway, a regular day is just like this
Canibus writes
of Mexico
Sometime I wanna be in L'ousiana
Down by the gulf of Mexico
And then sometime
I don't know where in the world I wanna go 

Ain't it bad, people
respect and honor
And I got plenty of that, so until sheek lou child, next l.o.x. album
And all the mtherfucking rest of the albums we do from the double
As soon as a La stepped off (the floor)
People started hollerin' (for more)
Beggin' us to bless 'em with an (encore)
You know the Peas they game
Many people had the nerve to think we would end the trend
With Criminal Minded, an album which is only ten
Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky hit
that english that's broke as hell
That's why my niggaz in the hood understand me so well
Its the modern rap type talk
Used to walk, all over your ears
to saddle up the Tontos cause I'm the Lone Ranger
I eat dinner with Jews but don't talk to strangers
I'm just a few albums from filling your disc changer
you want to be, 
You're gonna have to learn pimpology.
Pimpology, a pimp's profession.
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want
(I will not apologize) I will not apologize
(I will not apologize) I will not apologize
This is for all of my peoples who understand
KRS One is just the guy to lead a crew 
Right up to your face and dis you 
Everyone saw me on the last album cover 
Holding a pistol 
Something far
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want to be giant sized,
Come to my school.  Get pimp-matized.
In your school, what do they
Fuck this world, that's why we carry on
By the Email Fidel, tell him meet me on the D.L.
No longer a free world, think of shank or Verra'

si addormenterà

con un canto nell'anima

Magia l'amore sarà

e volerà

English Translation:

It Will Be Magic

(lyrics &
Bigger than modern technology 
So save all the chit-chat when I kick a format fat 
It's like that... 

C.L. is the attribute you salute 
'Cause I
Equipped to make you bounce with the beat mechanism We up in the Fale with the vinyl cipher system [Chorus:] Friday night is the scene Party people
that go against the grain with a story so compellin'
I should mind the people's court
Snatch the mic from Doug Llewellyn and host my own show
the pack?
We for shack ship, you know laugh it off
Years just blow by
My eyes stay fixed but the picture's kinda outta focus
I cry a lot but admit to it

Meet Marty, major label A&R scout, forty years old, gut hanginh out.
Red Ferrari, Marty livinh in L.A. bumps another line to get through
Your phone calls, don't think they're wearing me out, they're not
But I'm mostly english, mostly english
Difficult people slip away
Feeling that
was followed by
Facing trouble with no alibi, had to swallow pride
Vilified, victimized, penalized, criticized
Ran into some people that's surprised
where the party's at
It's uptown in the Boogie Down so don't sleep
On that Non Fiction hit by Black Sheep

Dres --

Be the be	-be	, L-L-L, L-A-see-K
flow and blow 

Puerto Rico  Southside  Latin  you're feed pattern 

Black people mingle  white people  buy my single 

Bingo bangle  let go my
bitches into trances

I give the party people what they like
Somethin' hype, to keep em rockin' all night

I give the party people what they like