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And how amidst the storm did sleep
O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in Peril on the sea

[alternate lyrics]
Eternal Father strong to save 
Whose arm
I could be one of your kids
White America!
Little Eric looks just like this
White America!
Erica loves my shit
I go to T-R-L, look how many hugs
enemy comes forth
Loke, the son of FĂ„rbaute.. Father of
Born of earth, unbound by laws
Takk weeps no heavy tears
For the loss of the sun's handsome
half, known as the other trey
Tourin' to wild screams, the Third Son's born
Swarm to the lyrics 'cause Serch is your father
Screaming "Hey Ladies," why
lyrics adapted by Ray Charles
the tree I fell
Nine magic songs I got
From the famous son of
Boltorn, Besdas Father
And a drink I got
Of precious mead
Poured by Odrere
Then I became
little Eric looks just like this,
White America!
Erica loves my s***,
I go to T-R-L, look how many hugs I get, 
white America!
I Could be one of your
done for man
Can our feeble minds comprehend?
We started to die when we began.

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin - 2001]
hard like piston heads
I know where I'm going, He knows who I am
It's written in blood, truth never ends.

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin - 2001]
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Lyrics as performed by Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Hughes Stadium, Colorado
University, Fort Collins, CO, 23 May 1976,
Transcribed by Manfred Helfert.
The street life is the only life I know

I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O.
Iranian thoughts and cover like an Arabian
Grab a nigga on the spot and put
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Bottled up inside a living prison cell.
Though the Father of freedom saved my very soul
Years of corruption never let go.

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

On the fields of our fathers land
Marsh green pride of ENGLAND
On the moors our fathers rest
Their tales are not forgotten
killa hill
Resident, rest in peace to my nigga Two Cent
The street life is the only life I know
I live by the code style it's mad P.L.O
Iranian thoughts
Please come home to me! 

Music by L. Russell Brown 
And lyrics by Irwin Levine
cold smack up
One by one, cause ain't a damn thing changed
And seein me enforce is like watchin L.A. gangs
So check me out, hey, you just got done
Transcribed by Robin Hood
These lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording mentioned above
and do not necessarily correspond with lyrics from other
[ KM.G ]
Yo, this is somethin new by notorious-ass Above the Law
In the motherfuckin place
The Illustrator KM.G
Yo 187, you gotta let em know what's
time has gone by. 

I'll pay the price for all the love you poured like rain "toujours l'amour" over again, but the midnight chills are getting so
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

All the years, fears and tears from the past
Lessons for all to learn
Clinging to life, how long will it all last?
As long
Placed the mail in the box
This morning- my father is red
But what does he have in his hands?

The brown envelope conceived
By the state
now it's Blastmaster KRS-One 
When we come in the dance, my lyrics not done 
Pray to my father cause yes me are the son 
Cause you are the guide
[lyrics by Birgit Lages / Uli Bauer]

l'ombra della notte
Circonda la materia della terra
I corvi fanni grandi cerchi
Sapra dimenticati nell'passato.