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sins away and stop playin'
If God's line is busy you might have to two-way him
Then catch me in your backyard, playin' croquet
And when I'm drunk tell
of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run away and never do miss em
See, my hormones just run away and if I can get em back
To where they
love you cause you love my brother like you did
Just promise me you'll tell this story when you make it big
And if I die before your album drop I hope
I am a sinner, who's probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me
Things I don't understand
Sometimes I need to be alone
Bitch don't
me to break a leg I'll be takin' the cast off
Tryin' to wash away all my sins, in the shower with a handful of bath salts

I want skin for my bed,
life on the real
We the Last Poets so this is a world premiere
Rolling like Mick Jagger, the women just getting badder
All I see is the money, cream,
you can hurt people and just keep getting away with it?
Not this time, you better go and get sewing kit, bitch
Finish this stitch so you can reap what
(Spoken by the Gangsta)
Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a
Nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away
Dirty boys dedicate this
gamble off your soul. big spender

My agenda is to infuriate, umm, let me see
Put on a platinum album and watch it penetrate
See sin disintegrate if you
Cats get served, running up sliced
Every single night and that the way we keep it right
Like that fuckers... (YEAH)

I'm just trickin though,