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love, open it up
You're a child of destiny
You're the child of my destiny
You're my child with the child from Destiny's Child
That's a hell of a recipe
The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child
Destiny Jones. To my niece and nephews, Suree, Malik, Jabari.
The world is
the heat from your breath, 
Rap niggas beef in they album probably needed the press
And as a man I never found the slightest need to impress
Another man
love me, said she wanted to hold me
("Yo he ain't shit to me Alvin, I was just into his album
That was some bullshit, I'm sorry, I'm better without him")
rocking microphones
Sin, sin

Said I learned new ways
Gotta thank God for my chance to blaze
Next album gonna see a fat healthy raise
And he make mistakes,