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To a space with no beginning

Doomed insanity, trapped in my abyss
Among the same punishment
I will wander forever free
Slayer of Gods
I'm the modern day vixen vampire slayer 
Unauthorized player, in the capitalist contest 
To see who "Gets Money" 
No milk and honey, in this
From way back I show now weakness when I speak this
Mentally strong to keep this hit in my speeches given
Now listen from the beginnin' 'til I reach
She's the creator of the Terminator - 9th Prince, rhyme slayer
Stayed in ten housing projects, razors, machine gun blazes
at'cha neighbors - Jamaican rum,
Check out that noise in the background! I'm mad green
Right now it's a biodiesel generator!
I'm using it to run the computer studio for
jeans...which look great on me by the way. 

When I get depressed I cut my wrist in every direction 
Hearing songs about getting dumped gives me an erection