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menu, ya dig?
Will he give up his life of crime or will he stay?
This and other adventures on
Lupe Fiasco's next album L.U.P.END

My man said life ain't
and pushed in this fiasco, like Lupe.
Back that ass up like Juve, cause the south we giving them satisfaction.

Ever since I signed with luda and them, my

[Lupe Fiasco]
Now I'm chi-town born and I'm chi-town bread
Call me west-side lu'
But I know about them north-side blue's and them south-side
Uh, what up ya'll
Soundtrack what's poppin' baby
Ya'll ain't know
I go by the name of
Lupe Fiasco
Representin' that 1st & 15
And this one
they went into the mental rolodex
See I knew 'em by heart like a brain in my chest
Then I took 'em to school where subjects were getting felt
Books under
Brown And I Got Dat Green
When I'm In Yo Town And I Hit Yo Scene In A Candy Painted Car Dat'll Sit So Clean Trunk On Pout With Da 5th On Lean
a bomb
So give up the baton
I slap you after bustin' a fuckin' nut in my palm
Why you buggin' me like something was wrong
Just take a puff of the bong
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
what pocket I had left, my handkerchief
I’m guilty by affiliation, in many ways gangsta
But let me explain something, a paradox if you may
I threw all my