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He lives in the love
That lives in our hearts

Words and music by John Denver and Joe Henry
moments there and
That's all caught on the album. yeah, the production that chris
Tsangarides has done is right in your face. that's the best description
Even before the Rock and Roll era, violence played a big part in music
It's all according to your meaning of violence and how or in which way you
Blackstar came in effect, when Alycia gave a tape to Mos def 
Reflection Eternal was next on deck, 
My crew the best and we prooved it. 
We knew our music
    Enemy Lyrics
    by The Weeknd

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last one is young and wise
homegrown battle tested you gonna love these guys
brought the hood on them guys
the best story told yet bonded against all
and I got it covered
Somehow always rise above it
Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover?
The game is all mine and I'm mighty
even if I gotta
Fuck, suck and swallow in the parking lot
Gonzales Park, I'm followed by a married man, a father of three
My titties bounce
point are you trying to gain
If you can't fit the pumps I walk in?
I'll wait
Your rebuttal a little too late
And if you have a album date, just make
[Chorus: PSC]
What would you do if we put it all together
In the form of living legends
On an album all together?
Would you buy it? Would you try
Say I'm not black cus I rep with white folks
I hear the hate in your voice when you say it
So I'ma keep makin music for whoever wants
heard me in the radio they requested till I die and I must admit
That I love you yappin' lips 
Cause it makes me ride my rolas amd my music stacks my
A-K-A The Mayhem Click
And we're talkin' about rumors
Now Lil' Rob we understand you have an album out entitle the Crazy Life
Can you tell us what kind

And it came to pass in the glorious days of charts
That the music hailed and we danced to it
And threw a party but in our hearts we knew
to the Canaveral moonstomp
Every naut would dance and sway
We got music in our solar system
We're space truckin' every day 
Come on, come on, come on
Let's go
you sow, nitwit
Thought some time had past and I forget it, forget it!
You left our family in shambles
You expect me to just get over him? Pretend he
grow, and get bodies burning
Cuz I'm tryna hang like I'm Mr. Cooper or Jews in Berlin
Or some niggas from Alabama, Birmingham
I need music all over
loud six feet my ego grow
Shawty grip it both hands letting off my eagle low
Bust it back and forth there's no remorse
I win of course I'm in