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might be faster in the world
But big wheels rollin' slow
Help you see what's important
What really does matter
Up on that tractor

Just like
a tractor pull 
I'm haunted by my illicit, explicit dreams 
And I can't really wake up 
So I just drift in between 
Thinking the glass is half empty
And feed this world
Ruled by greed

Oh, ball of fire
In the summer sky
Your healing light
Your parade of days
Are they betrayed
By the men of power
I got a moonshine stash in a cypress stomp
And a catfish line going, bom bom
An old tractor tire where I sit by the fire
And drink to a sweet
cannot see
And there's no room for secrecy
Your world is changing faster everyday
And there's no truth in what they say

Two by two
My heaven made
of the hill
Up into the cold wind facing
In stiff battle harness, chained to the world
Against the low sun racing.
Bring me a wheel of oaken wood
A rein
In my hometown
Population just a few thousand
All of them kids at the drive-in
After Friday nights football game

That's the same place
I can almost hear the echoes of the past
From the voices of the years gone by so fast
I'm using all my might to try and find the light
In the Milky
Great masters of the world
Great masters living by the sword

Living forever in peoples mind
Like a God!
A part of the history
How can there be trouble in this world? 
With the color in these hills, the blue October sky, 
this little road that winds along the river. 
boy I helped the old man
Workin' in the fields
And everyday, we hauled the hay
To the rollin' of the wheels
'Til one day the tractor laid
The old
From the album donovan

There's a Brave New World awaiting all you kids out there
With a brand new way of getting through your day there
Don't you
can change my world by changing your mind
Drive away the clouds so the sun can shine
You can change it all by saying you're coming back and staying
An eye can be a world
For in it are the things it sees outside
And the eye is troubled.

An eye can be a time
And watch the changing patterns
personality.  Do you?
Dres - Next question please.
I.B. - Ah.  Wow.  In your album you disrespect women by calling us hoes.        Why is that?
Dres - Listen,
children of the world, watching every day go by
Changing my life, changing your life, keeps us all anticipating

We are children of the world, watching
Across the years
Will come to me
Though my world may go awry
In my heart will ever lie
Just an echo of a sigh

All my life I shall remember
Across the years
Will come to me
Though my world may go awry
In my heart will ever lie
Just an echo of a sigh

All my life I shall remember
Truth is taking over
Wrapped up in a suit of armor
Cannot penetrate this metal
Don't it make you feel insecure
Seasons they are changing
Lit up
the same thing"
But it's not the world that I am changing
I do this so, this world will know
That it will not change me

This heart still believes
That love
the changing waters
A shining truth we see
We will always strive to be
Friends, friends for life

In this world of many colors
The storms of life, the joys
know about that
look out for the Hood Starz album by the Git It Boyz
You know, shout out to the Trak Starz
They in da building Buck Ban and Zoe
trailers backed up down by the elevators
Train track grain car'll roll in later
Get filled up and head on out in the world

It's harvest time in this
- Annie's Song album. It has also been released on The John Denver Collection - Calypso album, as a live version.

The world is fast becoming younger
shine so bright

See the airplane fly
See the trees rush by
Be brave and strong when you hurt yourself
And don't you have a worry in the world

You know