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Unsurpassed Masters, Vol. 2 (1963): The Alternate "Surfin' USA" Album (The Beach Boys) · Born Again in the USA (Loose Fur) · Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys) · When It Falls [USA Version] (Zero 7) · USA (October 20) · Living in the USA [Collectables] (Steve Miller) · Disco Discharge: Disco Fever USA (Hutchinson, Hutch) · McFarland USA (Los Tigres del Norte) · Greatest Hits [USA Music Group] (Buddy Greco) · Latin Mix USA, Vol. 2 (Hutchinson, Hutch) – and 90 other albums »

to move my records to 54 states 
Got more work than the mayor do (mayor do) 
it stick to niggas that talk shit 
like a baller they bitch hair blue 
Gangsta shit
USA, right?
For all you suckers out there
Kurupt Young Gotti
Dogg Pound Gangstas front-liner
Kurupt Young Gotti