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stayed on the raps 'til we made it on the map
By then, No I was my main guy
He and I was like Chi-town's Gang Starr
We had came far together, with a long
.." -> Nas
Musta been crazy..
"..Acknowledge the rep" -> Nas
To step up on stage, at CMJ, mention my name?

[ Verse One ]
I hear these cats, but I ain't
tell you if you tell me who killed Pac
Aight then, I'm at this Pacquiao fight then, with Tyson
The way he's stickin', and movin' the knife, Floyd might
What up

W-W-W-W-What the fuck you mean you ain't know my name?
Only thing I changed, I ain't got no change
Still me and my homies and we all
If you step in our way you best keep steppin', son
'Cause we're (movin on up) just like the Jeffersons
Now you been rocked by the Infinite
I gots
playin' Wooden Leather, that's alright
Nah nuh-uh we not broke up
Left Atlantic records, we woke up
Yeah yeah Skinny's doin' fine
Florida is special,
Earl ]
I'm the P-r-e-a-c-h-e-r, uh
Preacher Earl and I'm considered a superstar
Pick up the microphone and I proceed to rock 'n roll
By the time I
stage, closin' the show holdin' a gat
Since you opened up, I know you're hopin' it's wack
Niggas, screamin' my name on record straight whylin
Maybe I'll
crane name
Stylin rich, RZA made the waves in one chain
Feelin mics like, wheelin a bike, slide like
Step on his Klondike, get your dart right
We movin
(phone rings)
What’s up girl?
Ya momma said it’s time to come home to show her
How to put our new album up on her iPhone

And I clone billions