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professional with a white man driving a Continental Lincoln
Groupies look at me, y'all don't pay me no mind

I'm about to tear a new ass in this kid, he
The good thing, I found Allah in the process.
An angel appeared wit' sneaky ways and gave me stress.
Now what am I to do?
My album's platinum but I
faces cases, judges n jurors, masons lawyers n cops
I watch 'cause every thugs face is my mirror
But this was one in particular
This kid he was
the rovers roll up wit ribbons
I seen them repo'd, resold then redriven
So when I reload, he holds number one position
When you hot I'm hot
And when your feet
'Zy rollin' with my cateye, deadeye
Ain't afraid to flame a rat up
But I hot out fathom
My album hit the shelves
We hustle for record sales
Hit my
head and wiping her tears from her eyes
I'm asking the Lord the same ole questions why you had to die

(Spoken by the Pimp)
...and that's that Dirty Love
singles on the radio
Chino never had the doe, I was determined though
Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle
My aspirations from every