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to nothing,
That I had time for nothing,
Said I wasn't from the velars
Or the sellers by your gunman,
I can see the folks now he got what he had coming,
the bridge that night
And stopped at Flora Avenue
When Beeper thought they'd lost their way
Walked over to see what he could do
"Are you I.P.? Straight
by the way I
By the amount of piss and seed I could exude
Over the columns that nestled the P.A.

Some nights I'd surprise everybody by skipping
by that time, we are lucky having roland in the band. and he's
Just doing great songs and great guitar work he's doing. and a good pal as
Well. he's
sh-shootin' dice
He said what they h-hittin' for Sp-Spice
Livin' up in the g-ghetto with the g-gats
Slangin' dope made my p-p-pockets f-f-fat
The nigga
[Chorus: x2]

[Big Boi]
Everyday I sit while my n**** be in school
Thinkin' about the second album at the Dungeon shootin' pool
Like E-S to the P
up, so meanwhile me and Lucas getting fucked up
You can smell us coming like a faggot when he hicks up
Listening to Common's last album to get pumped up
the smoke clears 
Rhyme sayer, and I'm here to lay a load 
So watch a player when he's playin in player mode 
Uncle L's bad, and you're soon to say
41 shots, a young brotha deceased
Gunned down by police, is there no justice, no peace?
So fuck the police, listen, I walk with P.
your hoa
But still pound on a nigga till he throw up
Straighten up, there's too much to lose
Get your head on right, we got the world to gain
on chrome, back to set trends

[Erick Sermon]
Well it's the rapping Lex Luthor, step to me I'll do ya
Send you back to the future, he for real man? Hell
to grab them
Kidnap them, and put them on my album
I rip jackers, Rip the time space fabric
Loop the future with the past tense looking for patterns
House nigga's snitchin', that's what got 'em killed
Nigga thought he made it 'cause he got a deal
First album poured been outta here
Not quite dude,
I got by

Creflo pray Mike Vick payed bobby brown stray Whitney lost weight
Kimbo Slice on the pad when I write
That Mayweather money looking funny in
while my nigga be in school
Thinking about the second album at the Dungeon shooting pool
Like E-S to the P-N, cause we adjust to the beat in the zone
[Verse 1:]
Kill him where he stand or stand over him shake his hand
Then jump back in that mini van, double back to his block
And blam I ain't
Artist: Fat Joe f/ Armageddon, Tony Sunshine
Album: Loyalty
Song: All I Need
Typed by:
[Talking: Fat Joe]
Cool & Dre
Who you
that's why we ain't got shit
Rappers hate each other not the labels that got rich
Don't care about culture they only want profit
If your album sells
your label shoutin
You couldn't outsell UTFO's reunion album
What could I say to get my point across?
Rap don't need that ass like Large Professor don't
of the mind
Great Britain? Future? Bollocks, you'd better look behind
Round every other corner stands P.C. 1984
Guardian of the future, he'll implement
you'd better look behind
Round every other corner stands P.C. 1984
Guardian of the future, he'll implement the law
He's there as a grim reminder that no
Houston and Atlanta we love you
Peace to the West Coast they really set the Doggs loose
We always say the future's in today's children
If so,
on them pills
Dade County dope-boy, best believe I'm 'bout dat doe 
Chose come up get em yep, we ain't really by that def
Yeah, I'm the future, got
By way to Overtown and look at this city
Open to Grove and the South Miami
Wedwood Highlear, look Eddie, look 'Bana
Some many ice P-Rhymes rich
To keep it in the family they must elimate the swine
And the swine is us, and whose God do +you+ trust?
It's gettin realer by the second in the future