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Fleek are you there?
I'm here, but hold up captain cause this ain't good.
I'm getting chased by
lead a man to a link
But that don't mean he gonn' click
What's this? Y'all ain't really on no deep shit
I peeped it, scared of a motherfuckin' secret
you sow, nitwit
Thought some time had past and I forget it, forget it!
You left our family in shambles
You expect me to just get over him? Pretend he
of rich folks spitting on bums
A lot of hoodlums
These are just the bums that are really pissed off

Why? probably 'cause they been ripped off by
to a childhood, need to be loved
By parents that was in too deep with the drugs
Nigga, my advice, fuck the black and white shit
Be who you are, identify
dusk painting the sky a deep crimson exceeded in its vibrancy only by that bloody rubicund hue which stained the battlefield below it, the Emperor's mage
or write, the cops never read my rights
Running from them flashing lights like Ye when he was still with Nike
Devil's pie, the final slice, gave my life up