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(i. turner, t. turner)
Producers: chris lord-aldge, tina turner and roger davies
Album: what's love got to do with it (europe-94)
Previously recorded
(T. Britten/G. Lyle) 
Producers: Chris Lord-Alge, Tina Turner and Roger Davies 
Album: What's Love Got To Do With It (93) 
So who are you
more blows than Tina Turner
Like the top of the stove Sauce keep a burner
Release somethin that'll heat your sternum
Flow the sickest, take a AIDS
stoppin' us
Eternal with the burner, fast-paced but slow learner
Beatin' me that's like Ike gettin' slapped by Tina Turner
Nigga I'm the best rapper
the burner
But she ain't concerned 'cause he's a earner
My bitch lays it out real nice for me to murder
We fight, wake up and fuck like Ike and Tina Turner
The Very Best of John Denver (Single CD) and The John Denver Collection - Rocky Mountain High albums.

Raven's child
Is chasing salvation
Black beak turned
thanking God for niggas like Iceberg Slim
And the chick the honky's ran to see
She was the honky-tonk's fantasy
Tina Turner, the living legacy
And she's
Words & music by Don Baird ( publishing...
(From Willie Nelson "My Own Peculiar Way" and other albums... and Anita Kerr Singers
at the start of 1971, by the way. Best of vol.2, 1973 is the first actual Bee Gees album that had it. This is their second recording of it; that first one, was
don't know the click so just listen here
Trik Turner on the one's DBX on the two's
3's for them off beat crews like you's
Back middle to the front
And girls - I love 'em when I meet 'em
Might eat 'em
But when they act up, it's like Turner Tina
Don't me get the burner
Catch me in the low
And girls, I love 'em when I meet 'em
Might eat 'em
But when they act up, it's like Turner Tina
Don't me get the burner
Catch me in the low key
by that time, we are lucky having roland in the band. and he's
Just doing great songs and great guitar work he's doing. and a good pal as
Well. he's
of my best friends Derek Mangareu
"see'mon man can I be down can I be down witcha crew?"
He had one by the name of Masters of Control
I wanted to be
threats given by clowns
I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns
I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first
I thought I was abnormal cause I
This is jail, 3 burners made Tina Turner dance
Probably, you kidin me? Only my man bust side to me
I was gotta be slicin the pot, if I divide it by 3
these rumors I cant take it no more
My best friend say did you hear the one about me
and the girl next door?

Did you hear the one about Tina?
to New Orleans the original big baby like Big Mike 
Don't make me Tina Turner one of you wenches and hit you like Big Ike 
UHHHH pimp shit Cadillac with
And, oh no, it's not violent when under the Christmas tree there's a look-alike gun
But, yes, of course it's violent to have an album like KRS-One
knew something was wrong

When I gave away my VHS and sold a pair of my socks
The IRS callin me, gettin on my nerve, I was warned by Redd Foxx
Did you hear the one about Tina? 
Some say she's much to loose 
That came straight from a guy 
Who claims he has the proof 
Did you hear that one
The events that followed had me folly if your hometown would be
Heaven or hell
The angelic nastiness you possess made you by far the best
Therefore hard
like a peacock
I saw her dancing in the club with her new outfit
Her hair and her nails did show me love
Ya man say he got good green show me some bud
they askin' what happened to you

Lord forgive him, he got them dark forces in him
But he also got a rightous 'cause for sinnin'
Them a murder me so
about Tina, some say she's much too loose 
That came straight from a guy who claims he's tastin' her juice 
Hear the one about Michael, some say he must