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Big Punisher, Punisher 
 We on some s*** 
 Thugs ? 
 Yo, I got no license, two cars but hey 
 Yo a GS grey, and a CLK 
 Never, ? so it can lead my
down the microphone son, surrender, forfeit
Did I hear something 'bout a crew? What they wanna do?
You better call Mr. Babyface so he can bring out
don't shoot anymore
My deal got signed so the spirits all up
We shot the album front cover up by the shops
We just wanna rep the manor right, give it
Uh! Its that boy Magnificent
AKA Maaagno
The Rookie Of Da Year
Be on the lookout for that solo album coming soon

It's Magnificent, but you
still want to know when the album comin? out 
Ask the teenagers, O?Gs and Ask the kids 
What they definition of Classic is 
Timeless, cause age don?t
What  what 
You over there Styles? 
Yeah dog 
Second album nigga  real L.O.X. 
We run the streets  y'all know who to bet (C'mon)

(See I)
Ich hör Gangstatexte, Gangsta Rap
(I keep it gangsta)
Auf CD und I'm Auto, I'm Tapedeck
(Ridin by)
Durch die Stadt, Gangstamucke bei
Yeah, ich bleib' immer noch kein Fick-Geber
Du kommst mit Gs im Clip, mir sind diese Klicks egal
Ich bin ein Sexsymbol, M-A, M-A, Maskulin
to B.Y.'s
Muffled lives, like a pit bull at will
Sit still, or you're shook real, y'all niggas need to get real, or get killed!
The 4-fifth, call the men
Truth or die, shoot the five, uncivilized to B.Y.'s
Muffled lives, like a pit bull at will
Sit still, or you're shook real, why'all niggas need
Regime, nigga you Love 2 Hate
Album to the face, nigga you Love 2 Hate
Yes, it's that nigga you Love 2 Hate
Young nigga, wit money, you Love 2 Hate