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and four albums that went gold
I represent a Benz, BMW and a Cherokee
And still the industry won't respect me
Yeah, they give a lot of respect and props
(Verse 2)
I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel
with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles
You liars, i'm tired
Never takin' a loss, weak rappers I toss
Make no mistake, Sweet Tee is the boss

Janet Jackson's nasty, but I'm in control
Aretha Franklin, bow
her story—did anybody ask?
Hm, with all disrespect
I think the American flag was designed by fags
I had it locked before the spotlight
I got a gold
mean, like, Soul, assist him
Get him help, I'm sendin' this nigga out the Solar System
I mean it's simple, Aretha Franklin, you a soul sister