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bet this album fresh"
Premier was dressed like King, Guru was Malcolm X
In the video for "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?"
I came from the same place, I
feat. Guru
[DJ Premier scratches]
I'm comin' through
It's the voice you can't ignore
It's Afu

Hey yo, this is Gifted Unlimited, peace,
the road is too steep, do you have the stamina
First album took us two weeks, since then we have been plannin'
An exclusive attraction, produce it to your
And I heard ya album, this must be something you're new at
'Cause I rather hear a Lil' Wayne/Lil' Zane duet
My cellphone stay ringin', like a slap in
Killa what's really good my nigga
Un casa what's really good
What's really good flee
Yo, what's really good
I got ta get on this album
I just
on this album I just signed ta Diplomat yesterday
What's really good
(I mean, I mean the album is done I mean
You know you on the next joint you on my
Now, the end is near (Can you believe this shit Guru?)
So I face (I'm from the hood man) the final curtain
(No the real hood the hood, not the RAP
deutsche Artists machen es noch nach
Ich mein', einmal für ein Mixtape ist OK
Aber doch nicht auf ein Album, um dann Clips dazu zu dreh'n
Das bereut Ihr
But what it bring, nuttin but pain 
and one in your fuckin brain 
Ain't nuttin changed since the album I'm still whylin 
I'm still violent I've been
nuttin' but pain
And one in your fuckin' brain

Ain't nuttin' changed since the album I'm still whylin'
I'm still violent I've been waitin' for this moment
Hip over the phone, he's like "oh, yo that s*** is crazy
Jay might want it for this compilation album he doin, called The Dynasty."
And at that time,