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Ying Yang Twins and them dirty boys (Nigga what?)
That's a coma

I told ya niggaz don't be playin with it
'cause when you see it in chrome
Then you know
and Ying Yang,
I know when kids rockin(?) used to beat the block, I lived in a little house boy,
And the block party would never stop, I remember when
It's Whateva Wit Us
Three 6 Mafia f/ Youngbloodz, Ying Yang Twins

Chorus DJ Paul
What you bitches wanna do ('cause it's whateva wit us)
What you
Fucked up Chingy's song

Afro-mother fuckin-man cant stand no mother fuckin Ying-Yang Twins
I think Lil John and the Eastside Boys is an ignorant,
Balancing with desferal, call that Ying Yang Twin
And get chemically imbalanced when the kid starts spitting
That's the full bitten, when the price is right,
wanna pop that ying-yang
I tell em, "Sit down, shut up bitch, and let me kick game" (y'know)
Cause hoes always be sayin' they got it goin on but if they
yesterday's youth yearnin your yen
You yellow-bellied Yankee ying-yang yellin "yes"-men
(X!) X-rated, ex-African, X-Man
Ex-leaders, ex-Clarence, X Malcolm,