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Engineered by Mark Evans
Mixed by Phil Bodger
Guitars by Robbie McIntosh (of The Pretenders)
Keyboards and Programming by Peter Vettese and Mark Evans
Drums by
have been a very bad day
For my mom and my daddy when they carried me away
They call me the loner and I live by the day
I never never think about
splendid (thanks)
Miss you my nigg, one love.

Chorus (Faith Evans singing)
So we tried so hard to understand why you had to go away

JADAKISS: that was my
Um, one of the most talked about parts of your life
Your relationship with Faith
How are things?
I mean, we ain't together no more
She just had
a suite, order something to eat
Tell me things about you (c'mon) and I'll tell you things about me
(Let's go)

[Chorus: Faith Evans]
Sure enough riding,
and it's right by water
I'm the Trap God and I walk on water

G-Gucci Mane I'm the water man
Make it rain, do the water dance
Water dripping like
think we found the right person there,
Roland. and I think the album says everything. yeah, I wrote "kids of the
Century" about more than two years ago
splendid (thanks)
Miss you my nigg, one love.

Chorus (Faith Evans singing)
So we tried so hard to understand why you had to go away

JADAKISS: that was my
[Notorious B.I.G + (Faith Evans)]
To my motherfuckin' man, fifty grand, the alcoholic man
Inject a tall can to his blood stream if he can
goin' suck a nigga dick
For a new outfit
And even if the sky come falling
Bitch I'ma still be high
I got faith in my weed man
But lil niggas got yay by
losing their limelight like Mike Bivins
Bitches flipping their wigs like Faith Evans
Reject my single I ain't mad at it
Like O.J. getting married again,
and warm
Harmless and innocent
Until they're taught to be violent, and militant
This mentality gotta be erased by faith
The 12th hour is coming, we're
was I, so give him my email on a fly
And if it sound good, then I reply uh

Tell me what you know about dreams, what you know about having faith
times that we spent by the pool girl
Was too broke to even take you to the zoo girl
Maybe its because I had you girl
Was thinking about when we went
fast so I had to blow
And I walked by faith,not by sight
Cause I know G-O-D will guide me right
I take the bitter with the sweet,I know you feel my
No doubt!
Yo, yo, y'know how we did on The Infamous album, right?
Aight, we gonna do it again son

Yo, laid up in the cut, watch these rap niggas
to tell me quit smoking weed
My momma, gave me everthing I need
My momma, said keep faith in God
My momma, momma, momma, momma, momma

[Warren G]
We making crazy money so stop watching what we spend 
We multiply by ten 
Selassie fly the gate 
I trample all my enemies cause man a hold
surrender, it's all about the faith you've got
Don't ever stop, just push it til you hit the top
And if you drop, at least you know you gave your all
"Yeah, this album is dedicated
To all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothing
For all the people that lived above the buildings
That I
A Jew, or Muslim, yo have faith in him

The G's in the street know what I'm talking about
The man dem on the corner, surviving with no doubt
The kids in
g'on do it free
If I don't get up and bust my ass, that's my motto
I can't put my faith in the lotto, luck don't stay nowhere near where I go
[Chorus - repeat 2X]
What's Wrong With Bill - Inspired by swords that kill
Coldhearted, how can a person be taught to feel?
Thoughts concealed by
[Featuring Faith Evans] 
If you down to watch my back 
You could be my boo 
And if you're heart don't break 
Then you could be my
Who this rapper tryin to step to me
Talkin bout you ain't really bout that ministry
Child please, we's them G's on them knees
Preachin from