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screw and common knew
We had b****es by the dozens "huh" we f***in' cousins
You can throw ya middle finger if ya feel me loc
A n**** just got paid
And gather all your homies up
To go and shoot up a pad
Soon as you finished
why'all run out of gas
You better haul as*

That's how drive-bys get f
to life
And fix me in forty-five

Young F-O-B
Let's go
Stat Quo
Here we go
Come on, come on

You ready?
Let's do it man
Shady aftermath
Where you keep that thing man
By my side
is just the guy to lead a crew
Right up to your face and diss you
Everyone saw me on the last album cover
Holding a pistol something far from
In today's music news, the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
Just released another album under the alias Makaveli
Music insiders are running wild
*** wit' I
I make a million by June
I'm sayin' f*** July
And I beg you to try me while I'm holdin' da Tommy
I'm a have ya body all over da lobby
 My first, album was dope but ain't, get no play 
 We smoked out, with them MLX's 
 I'm underground but I sold records, for you SoundScan freaks
what you mean by that?
Mean by what?
You is a grimy nigga f'real, I see whassup
I don't even know why I fucked with you from the door
Cause you know
My homies rolled by in a bucket, but they ain't short and duckin'
Slappin' n****s known for tellin' b****es f*** it in the late night

kicked for talking backwards
Puffin Backwoods, walking through the back of the hood
No protection, Stapleton section
Corrupt life, T.M.F. arch style, we
Artist: Fat Joe f/ Armageddon, Tony Sunshine
Album: Loyalty
Song: All I Need
Typed by:
[Talking: Fat Joe]
Cool & Dre
Who you
there's whites, separated by the green
After five hundred years, think we play for the same team
Smokescreen, make the president a black guy
It ain't no
I thank these n****s scared me (it's cool though) 
N**** bump my s*** see don't even holla
I bump yo s*** n**** I'ma holla at you 
(Butt f*** that

And that was like, really the first beat of that kind that was on the Dynasty album
I could say that was the, the resurgence of this whole sound
bounce with her, puff a ounce with her, not wise, not with
Papi chill, get sloppy, get killed by 
Blood streams the guillotine f'real, yeah 
Pop bottles
Yo I hear you
What up nigga?
what's poppin?
In the studio finishin up this motherfuckin Murderer album nigga
You really do,
can get some respect and some ends in this motherfucker
Oh F'real well you got a little skill you can do that 
but um listen to this story check
the crooks rob the place outside 
I'm so hype, I take your life, betta have my doe right 
Fuck my life, I don't need no mic! 

The new album 
Bring it
like I'm running from the cops,
Hopped up in my car and told my chauffeur to the top,
Life is such a f***ing roller coaster then it drops,
But what
wicked deams (deamons)
I keep my pistol by my bedside one in the chamber
Preoccupied with homocide my life's in danger
Rollin down the four-five beware
primitive, I'm Olympian, now it's routed in pistols
Allow me to buy the album, child imbeciles
I was a coward out to intend powerful minutes for
The crowd,
work for F-E-D-S
And plays his recorder

You think he placing he taping his order
Marking the bills they read, 
Tasting the waterf***ed up
this album packs enough evil
That you can't fit inside a jansport, go to school with this

I go from AP to JC inside of fuckin' week
Wakin' up with
MC Shan - The Bridge LYRICS
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