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Something like my brethren
The legendary Andre 3K, Cee Lo, Goodie, and some other men
You should pay some homage, it's an honor this
This is not
paths on a search to be free
Suspicion felt corruption had a piece of Gotee
Success had me stressed like the G-Mo-be	
Cee-Lo's verse on "Thought Process"
Kranichstein, Lowrider, High 5
Aj, dreh' dein Album auf Stand-by
Jetzt kommt OL, Bandanas mit Tec-9s
Du solltest wegbleiben, alles vorbei
Du weißt doch, wie
causin characters comas, cappin crabs
Chaos causin, clearly commandin Cee-Lo
Cocaine capsule caps colored, capturin customer's see-Notes
Decisions, Decisions to make
Decisions, Decisions to make

Verse 3: Khujo, Cee-Lo
Legalise the dope and make paper
Think it's time to pull another caper