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play that shit
By the time we got halfway through watchin' "Ray" I hit
I laid it down beat it up, let her go clean it up
Take a five minute nap, wake
pose, from timberland's to feminine clothes 
Check there portfolios and put'em in centerfolds 
Pen explode, draw crowds respond re-el 
I stay calm
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lobotomy reigns/rains, rapids 

That trap gets full, by J and El evasion tactics 

Our equations infinite, punks distortin random access 

Havin half
smuggle weight in they cases
Bags inspected, now we arrested
Attention directed to contents of our intestines
Urinalysis followed by X-rays
directed to contents of our intestines
Urinalyis followed by X-rays
Interrogated and detained til damn near the next day

No evidence, no apology and no
that ***
But don't bite me, *** I don't play that ***

Marques Houston, I don't play that ***
By the time we got half way through watchin' 'Ray', I
wrote the crossover
But if the album sellout I'd be considered a sellout
The fans keep asking whens the album gonna come out
Ask your local execs I'm
I represent Southwest, Del-Ray Jefferson
Festival ridin', we deemed around the Mexican
Me and Violent J, we murder heroin addicts
With every