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"Cledus would you look into your crystal ball"
I said "I'd love to boys, but I got Tanya Tucker on hold,
Gotta go."


Now I got a new career
Droppin' jams that slammed on every radio program
And bam, got damn, look where I am
The first album, long live the kane, it sold
About umm aww fukkit it
Black Woman" with Louis Vuitton luggage
She told me she was tired of The Game and rap
Quit like Ma$e then she came right back
I told you the bitch sex
Good evening, and welcome to eazy's playhouse
You stupid muthafucka

Now that you got the album
What the fuck are you gonna do with it
me with E's
He got a cousin named David and I seen him last week
This is the life of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run
promise me you'll tell this story when you make it big
And if I die before your album drop I hope --

When the lights shut off
And its my turn to settle
the 'Black Album', track number 1

She like that Jay *** that's her favorite
If it's gonna get me the *** I'ma play that ***
If she bite too hard, I'ma say
I can't stop her
New girl trippin' but I can't drop her
'Cause I need somethin' to balance out the fact
That it's hard to find a woman when you'
Eon, wreckin' shit 
"A-a-a-at-at night the open mic be invitin' me to rhyme" 
Mr. E-O-N must be talkin 'bout me 
(Who dat?) The one and only High &
drink cuss and smoke and sock niggaz with cheap shots

The gunner wonder man, wonder woman husband
The stunner fuck with us y'all niggaz must be buzzin'
shoulder... ? Aw, you're fulla shit, man... ah, listen, by the way, before I go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front... ?
down and I run at you

I'm painting portraits while endorphins spinning
I'm high as hell when indulging in these gorgeous woman
Pave the future