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hear that name and place a trigger to the figure who
It blew through and if ya try ta rip, I throw a bigger blue shoe to you
And if you take the shoe,
benvenidos, by popular demand
It's the most requested DJ from the east coast
Io canto, en el nombre del padre, hijio, e del el spirito santo
I'm half Indian,
Suge Shot Me
In today's music news: the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
Just released another album under the alias Makaveli.
Music insiders are
of the pie
Cause that's the M-O the N-E and don't ask why
It might be different time zones connections and situations
But what would this world be without
You never hear that we buckle
Beef? we chuckle
Scuffle over a game of pinochle
Anything up on my money, man, I gotta see double
Unless you want
And we are the only ones that can't be worn 


By any place any part of the world

And while i'm out on tour keep your hand off my girl

out of control, never won an ESPY
Bout to buy a black ghost and call that shit SP
Flow outta this World, I'm coming for my Moon man
You niggas slide
Intro: DJ KaySlay]
Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name
cobra clutch us
I drank a whole 8 bottles man I won't discuss this
'Cause even if it's champagne better know your substance
Fancy nigga's stuck