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The Wind 

A black Clark Gable, doin 90 in the Lexus sport a fat cable 

Never hold nothing back, I get the stress of my chest 

Fell this so all
and said I'm higher 

I can give more reasons than Earth, Wind & Fire 

Many follow in the footsteps, tryin to get a rep 

Of a lover and a smooth
of the U.S.A. he got released and got hired by the D.E.A.
Then he got his green card by the I.N.S.
But that should’ve never happened due to previous arrests
short, be after knowledge was brung
To your attention by the hardest muthafuking artist
That is know for lenching any sucker in a minute
Stagger 'em all
call it the earth face
I'm gettin' ya cake I tell you how ya dessert taste
I get a dessert plate
Y'all eat pedigree as ya meal
I've been Urkel for
to the E. Bola 

Manifest brain tumors through the phone as you roam in your Motorolas 


All hail, J and El the fan drives, we got
shoulder... ? Aw, you're fulla shit, man... ah, listen, by the way, before I go on; did you get those white albums I sent ya with the pencil on the front... ?

This is for the radio Mr. D.J
Me and the heavy rotation all damn day
Mechanical boys is what the way to make a living
Looking for love so turn it
should be your desire
To witness more wreck than a West coast fire
So be prepared to bounce jump around and all that
You don't have to ask Jack, you know
there ain't no tomorrow
Blazing all these mics like show-time at Apollo
Thinking 'bout my life full circle and the sorrow
Gotta get the C.R.E
name was 'Tony' would you know it's me?/

Supposedly, T-O-N-E flow with ease over these bolder beats/
But the flow's too cheap to pay for groceries/
You steal my mind, I love the way you do me,
break it down to the sound of 'Brother Louie'.
...Brother Louie!..

Dear, love is a burning fire