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Rhyme Syndicate, a storm incubating 
The Syndicate's stronger day by day
12-gauge leave suckers brutally
Layin' in the concrete, kick ya face
 My first, album was dope but ain't, get no play 
 We smoked out, with them MLX's 
 I'm underground but I sold records, for you SoundScan freaks
manifestations of the Guru."
Rest in peace!
Keith E.E.!

It's the gifted, his presence was so influential
Unlimited, that was his reach and his potential
out the shop
Mint green sidekick, custom-made rag top
"Strictly Business" is the album that we play
"You're A Customer"; the pick of the day
Now there's
ones you don't know about
Buns by the tons, mad guns and we going out

[Swizz beatz]
It ain't over, it ain't over, ain't over

pretty low
But them niggas ishomos like the maxwell video
I got 2 albums and 2 cars
Now bitches on my dick cause of chico debarge
Thugged out's 1st lady
shout out to fresh Jordan!
Irv Gotti!
Murda, Inc!
My nigga Ja!
DJ Clue!
Desert Storm!
The Hard Knock Life!
Backstage y'all!
Before he hit the floor, Bleek hit him some more
I've been in the spot, pop the buscuit, the coke out the drawer
Here niggas grimy, we take ends out your