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and 5 inches long
Paramedics feel for a pulse to see if you gone
You was pronounced D.O.A before you got to E.R.
The doctor swore that suicide was
Squeezin' like Freddie Foxx, and his two glocks
Rocks don't impress niggas who speak to God
We get jams to make a tuna melt
Held down by the B.E.P, we
recounted on two large stelae set up by Kamose in the Temple of Amun at Karnak. The text which I received was in three languages - Egyptian, Greek and modern
'cause I'm coming, it's my album
And for the record, meaning my record, check it
Listen to the single and you'll be like, yo, I gotta get it
But in
Bill Cosby comes Rico
Transmitting live to all my black people
Catch my drift, I'm down with my nigga E-Swift

My name is Tash, I'm from the group