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[Verse 1] Welcome to the land of misery Where my delivery strikes with madness Hearts explode from a touch of the 44 blastin (Party) By the killas
shit on your new album or what? 

Yeah, I'm gonna kick some of that shit
But ah, partner I don't even fuck with the nine no more half

Man don't you
two gats by her side
The one on her right Trina, the one on her left I
In a high holster, studded in rhinestone
Ready to cock back, we bust and your
than Jessica and Miguel
Now if you're peeps of the Sheep then we'll let you in
But if you didn't buy my album then you're not my friend
I recommend you

Fuckin up to the chest I bucks the city us Bad Touchin 

Boogie to break to bumrushin 

Fresh start taming biofeed this track achieves
soon became bucks

Had everybody sprung wondering where I came from
Screaming out "Independent's fucked up" in the same tongue
With an indelible
two bones and two phones in each rover
We all relaxed and any beef we over-reactin
Peace to lorey actins, but I get buck wild like corey jackson