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pas, appelle moi Ray Charles
J'ai besoin d'un avocat, j'ai violé les charts

Ray Charles, Ray Charles
Ray Charles, Ray Charles
Les jaloux je les
sont les enfants du Bon Dieu

Ray Charles est-ce que tu le sais ça
on verra le monde comme tu voulais qu'il soit
d'ailleurs on entend déjà les anges
Kathy Ray, 
She'd been given her name by a certain gentlemen way
Back in the day, 
When she did her auditioning to be one of Ray Charles' girls.
We put on Ray Charles and broke up
You were packed and gone when I woke up
Ray just kept on singing, he had Georgia on his mind
You just keep
lyrics adapted by Ray Charles
Anarchy in the U.K. [Ba(e?)drock] of Green Jelly/o
Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson
Keep The Faith Album by Bon Jovi
Icon Album by Paradise Lost
includes Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, and 
The Ray Charles Singers who were made famous by their frequent appearances on The Perry Como Show,
they coming for a nigga
Bitch I'm Ray Charles
No days off!
Takin' breaks will leave you broken
And we can't fall
No days off! No days off!
Heard they
Ray Charles
     Jimmy Lewis (indented)
[both together]

Wait a minute, Jimmy, look here
     I'm listenin'
As I was wakin' up this
nigga you can be a hashtag! (yeah!)

Everytime I'm in the light (i'm in the light)
I'm in the dark (in the dark)
Ray charles (ray charles)
Like ooh, yeah,
I'm not the first guy who ever lost a girlfriend
But by the way I'm carrying on
You'd think I was you'd think I'd lost my mind
Since you've been
summer what I know understand
I'd have never set my foot inside this bleak and bitter land

Guardian angels wherever you may be, 
reach down
If you were only mine,
if you were only mine
I know the sun would shine for me . . .
I'd find my happiness,
to be in your caress,
my every fear
And that's where I came in 


When your eyes gave me that welcome sign 
Something told me someday you'd be mine 
The door of love was open, as I
Reverend Bill Funderburk sings "He Cared That Much For Me"
Charles Surratt introduces his own composition "On Calvary For Me"
"The Joy of Knowing
Looked him right in the eye and said, "Boy,
You got to go!
I'm tired of your foolishness
And if you don't behave,
I'm goin' grab you by your
years ago to see that Jamie Foxx movie Ray
Do you remember Ray?
We were walking out of the movie theater 
And I said to the girl "hey, what did you
condos on Pennsylvania Ave
She fell in love with this dude named ray
Who was a small time hustler from St. Charles place

And he was known for always
of a Range
But Vevorine, had a special friend called Heroin
She told me, that's how she met Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye
But back then, I ain't gon' front, I
a hero
Girl Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could tell
That you really oughta be with G.

You see you oughta be with me
The G.E.R. and the A.L.D
I was staring a hole through CMT
Watchin' everybody else who'd been waitin' for me
I thought by now I'd been a household name
After all I had, if
Man, this is the last.. record on the album
I got my man Craig Craig in the house
Kevin Dee from Midnight Express Crew's in the house
convinced me that he'd left
You said keep talking but don't use their names
I scolded your driver and your brother
We are old enough to know how long
? sequence
I am independent
I got to charge you to beat this
Niggas can't see me
I'm Ray Charles on an Eclipse
Twista gonna get money
a won't get
A chair that's designed by Charles and Ray Eames
Are things I won't get
Things I won't get

But when I see you lying by my side