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got a dj paul and juicy j solo albums man
No the group not breakin up but we need extra money for our habits

(we got a mortgage to do you beotch!)
$100,000 cars now how you gon laugh at us

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(Juicy J)

First I want to grab a nigga by his neck,
Drag him to my fuckin set,
Whatever y'all really wanna do go on and do it cause all y'all be talking

{juicy j: talking}
Yo yo yo yo yeah it's da juice up in this motherfucker
singe se transforme en gorille, t'approche pas trop près
Est-ce que vous sentez la tuerie? 
Et c'est même pas l'album
Putain j'ai tué trop d'MC, que
to get by
Well the P.D.'s they won't play the record
They're too worried about that book
And the D.J's they all hate the song
But they're in love with
after winning the Oscar only some would last due to pressure
And be the last man standing
DJ Paul and Juicy J, the (last to walk)

Smoke it up, what
Two shots, whispering in your ear
I got one shot, one shot to love you all night long

Yessir, Juicy J

Bartender 'nother round on me
Two or three
Juicy J he ride, it’s the gang or die
The game will stress you out but that’s what this dubie is for
You acting like you know me now
Never knew me
by Jacques Higelin
Album: Alertez les bébés
Rien, je ne veux rien
Ni savoir qui tu es ni d'où tu viens
Rien, je n'attends rien du tout
Et si tu
Filled it up long ago, give it as you wrapped it
And if you feeling ratchet, bitch I'm juicy j
Now drop it low within my highschool gpa
pas la première fois
Parisienne enlève ton chapeau, y'a pas d'soleil chez toi
J'suis disque d'or. "Quoi? T'es disque d'or?"
Ce soir j'ouvre le
l'business j'étais bloqué
Maintenant j'vous baise bande de bâtards
Y'a pas d'feat dans mon album, j'vous baise
Mon studio il est dans ma cité frère, c'est
Stomp motherfucker stomp
Motherfucker stomp

{juicy j}
Hurt nigga
I'm coming out the fucking closet
Stay the fuck up off my dick
I feel the bucking
ma re-pu
Moi quand j’écris cet album j’ai le bracelet
Possession d’une arme lourde dans les mains d’un gringalet
Si tu brûles ton oseille, moi je
See I dwell in SPV, over here you cannot hang
[See I dwell in BHZ, over here you cannot hang]

[Verse 3: Juicy J]
1995, Mystic Styles the album was
négro est riche comme Omar Sy
Premier album écrit à Bois d'Arcy
J'ai la banane comme Taubira
Skywalker dans l'cohiba
On crache pas dans le kinkaliba
de la Gesteam, et pas celui de Dipset
Sam's et S-Pi, trop de-spee comme dirait Myst et
Tu vois qu'on charbonne, voilà l'album après la mixtape
pas en voir un seul qui contracte"
Ce jour où j'ai choisi de changer de programme
Et carrément d'mettre ma télé en stand-by
Le jour où j'ai vu qu'à
to the tenement
It's LL Cool J nigga, everything I do is excellent
And I got to represent, Q-Boro, the thorough
Ya know what I mean? We get down, we get down
naughty or nice 

At night 


Good bye, lights out 

(Juicy J) 

Can you feel me 

Can you hear me 

Did you pick the scene 

A lot
The m-1, close-casin' em
Defacin em like county property
He'd die for me
Spittin' on your whole image, I rob you and make a mockery
Yo ya see that party by
in it represent it

Ya'll boys, ya'll boys ain't ready for us
Project Pat, Noreaga, D.J. Paul, Juicy "J"
Hypnotize Minds in here, like this
featuring DJ Paul and Juicy 'J' 

"I'm chillin heavy understand me baby this Gangsta Boo" 
  > from 'Tear Da Club Up' (repeat 2X) 

Chorus x2
[Juicy J] 
The Gangsta Desciples and the Vice Lords have teamed up 
We gonna fuck the motherfuckin clubs up 
The fuckin Liquids, know what I'm sayin
twisted off some nigga
Dedicated to you killa

Chorus x3

(Juicy J)
Guess who was scared
Niggas stalkin' in the Memphis streets
The Triple 6 them Mafia