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the earth beneath my feet, 
Yes, I would, 
If I only could, 
I surely would . . . 

Yes I would . . . 

Original English Lyrics by Paul Simon 
(Mark Hollis / Simon Brenner / Paul Webb / Lee Harris)
Cover me with shades of disbelief
Can happiness be someone's else's dream
Numbers call
i shine like a diamond d
i paid my fee
keep awake past eleven
i'm free from heaven
i lay six to seven feet, yo, ye,
i mean down in the ground
Kick it in, Paul

And yes yes y'all
Yo, can we take this up a little higher?
To the next plateau?
Yo D, you want to show em
Later on that evening when
I thought I'd had enough
I sat down in a restaurant and
Over powdered drugs
I ordered up some dew-soaked lettuce
Picked by
a top boy Scorcher and Bashy cant do the same
Real reconize Real , how many albums have you sold to date
I aint saying im Wayne Or Kanye ,But im living
the motherf***ing room
'Cause they don't f***ing..

(I'd like to propose a toast)
(I said toast motherf***er)

And I am
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask
do I explain my little cranial expressions
Intuition, premonition, or demonic possession?
It could be God, an angel, or my dead uncle Paul
Or that
ass soft commercial rhyme
I don't sound like Phyllis Simon or the Wynans
I rock Central Park but do not mistake me for Paul Simon
I can't hear nothin
the rovers roll up wit ribbons
I seen them repo'd, resold then redriven
So when I reload, he holds number one position
When you hot I'm hot
And when your feet
[Mike Jones]
What my motherfuckin name!
Mike Jones...... Who?
Mike Jones.......Who?
Mike Jones...My album "Who Is Mike Jones" coming soon