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Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
Park your car by the edge of town
Television sound way down
Long overdue
Things we said we'd do
Photo album renaissance
Photo album
all that for holding it down
selling the c.d.s its good, yes
your boy Chingy,
GIt It Boyz, Got the third album coming out real soon
You gon'
Jupiter Hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river
(Italian) and Country Classics Albums.

Everybody's got the dancin' fever
Everbody'd love to rock and roll
Play it loud and baby play it better
longer your muse

In another life I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises be us against the world
In another life I would make you stay
So I
Your face in permanence smiles
Your lips a chalice

Seems like I've loved you all my life
Never thought I'd find you
One day the muse may lend these
wants to kiss my snatch

To go where God knows who has gone before
I am a muse, not a mistress, not a whore
Oh, suburban shits who want some class

This here be a track
Straight out of the blue
Untapped source of a funkdafied force
This course from the source and of course 
Muse bound bop
I thought by know you'd realize I can do anything I put my mind to

I can make the stars dance
Light up the moon, I can make the stars dance
If you
Infatuated with a lunatic and cornered by the muse 
And it goes down every might 
This must be what jail is really like 
And I will scratch my way out
Infatuated with a lunatic and cornered by the muse 
And it goes down every might 
This must be what jail is really like 
And I will scratch my way out
being used
When I hear mostly lies? Oh
In confusion, I think
What a pity to rhyme, oh

Smothering my own muse
By a telepathy line, oh
Telepathy line
And then she'd bring out that worn out family album
Its faded pictures some with corners torn
She'd laugh and poin and tell me funny stories
[Timothy Findley]

a great stone by the tree details carved
No candlelight beside
For frozen rains look'd after that its fire would starve
Like the blaze she
Quite impressive for a cripple. 
Munchausen by proxy of a muse. 
Tempt not a desperate man. 
This split lip is for you. 

I traded it for an outdated
To the d block, to anybody else whose our motherfucking family putting down an 
Album, we gon crush why'all motherfuckers
Well this one is
I can't write another song about you 
Another story of love gone wrong 
No, I can't write 

I'd rather die than write another verse concerning
to be lured out of its hiding place

I'll face the pain with open mind,
Coz' otherwise I'd die inside
The perfect irony in my life
I know the answer
Embraced by the fluidic abyss I adore
Engulfed in beauty that I cannot see
Pressure mounting on its floor
Granulated rock shifts beneath my feet
John Denver, music by John Denver and Glen D Hardin
sure of your affection,
And I loved the spell you cast.

I was scaling incredible heights,
Propelled by your radiant muse.
I sustained this for
The passenger window framed you like a screen,
And deep in my mind I was filming a scene,
Of the land rushing by, your shades, and your hat.
bad day
Then this beautiful accident
Reveals a new path 
That you might have missed

A woman muses runs her hand across her stomach pregnant with
First, the DJ must power up the amplifiers. 
To play a record, select an album and put it on the turntable. 
The racer must attach five dollars