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Its shape tells us plainly
Time inside is curved
It holds Elvis Presley's body
Perfectly preserved

When Kennedy came with Monroe
Late in '55
Elvis Presley and these are the lyrics as he sings them
If you could see me now
The one who said
That he'd rather roam
The one who said
He'd rather
once he even followed Elvis Presley
And he wrote a lot of country songs for me

But he laid it all aside to follow Jesus
For years he chose to let
I was abducted by an alien while I was walking home one day
We took a ride around the sun and then we cruised the milky way
He looked like Elvis
know like standing next to Elvis Presley
Well then multiply that feeling by 1 million

And you know what I'm talking about
Well I'll bet he was cool
vocalist, Reba McIntyre"
"Most appearances made after death, Elvis Presley
The king couldn't be here due to illness
So to accept his award on his behalf, we
out to a fancy restaurant 

Came in actin all nonchalant 

Asked you a question, shook up like Elvis Presley 

Your makeup smudged, your hair
to us, huh?)
(I never seen five niggas on Elvis Presley album cover!)
back to the matter at hand 

It's Green Lantern 
With Elvis Presley 
The selfish MC 
Back to the ruin rap 

And destroy the industry 
blast from the past! A blast from the past! A blast from the past!" "Baby, you're the greatest."

"From Sun Recording artist, Elvis Presley"

goons fakin' stab wounds, I need to shank the crank 
Elvis Presley Jr., tryin' to be somethin' that you ain't 
No daps, y'all are hoes, y'all go
in my stomach cause I haven't ate
Maybe I'll grab a plate of nachos and I'll have a steak
And you'd think with all I have at stake
Look at my daughters