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Freiheit Freiheit
Ist das einzige was zählt
Freiheit Freiheit
Ist das einzige was zählt
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I waited
And waited then I waited
At lunchtime my car stalled out
I couldn't get it started
Had a book by c.s. lewis
I finished the last page
(Henning Schmiedehausen)
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Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Ah ahhh
Oh ah oh oh ah ahhh
Ah haaa

Road block 
Cash from chaos received
This sun burns more than you believe
The smell of C.S. gas 

Confusion of the mass
Cold sweat
at night
The moon will illuminate my room and soon I'm consumed by my doom
Once upon a time nobody gave a f***
It's all said and done and my c***'s been
Road block 
Cash from chaos received
This sun burns more than you believe
The smell of C.S. gas 
Confusion of the mass
Cold sweat 
you do it mom, huh?
She copped the toys I would play with in my room by myself, why he by himself?
He got two older brothers, one hood, one good
Uh, f*** that s*** b**** eat a motherf***in' dick, chew on a prick and lick
A million mutherf***in' c***s per second, I'd rather put out
As you lie there on your bed 
Beneath the face of Louise Brooks 
With your makeup and your teddy bear 
And your C.S. Lewis books 
Bad seed
since I could remember
I had friends I could depend on
Clothes to lend 'em
But as time went by
My life got a little strange
And the rules of the game
Oh please, I couldn't care 'bout your T's & Cs
I'm J to the M to the E, I make G-R-I-M to the E
I make you bop your head to the beat
From the S-W
to my face they say nothin'
Stand up in the parks, keep a firm, steady stance
Keep the beanies touchin', keep the beanies hot flushin'

Flushin' M.Cs
featuring Takktics 

[Intro: Takktic] 

Yo  yo. What's up this is Takktics  universal soldier 

Keeping it jiggy for the S O Cs 

Yo M. C.'s out there, you betta stand clear
It's Funk Doc M. on da world premiere
From New Jerz straight talk, america's best
Co' Island
trap star ball player, pro stars
Reach for the stars that's the way to go ma
I'm in the cut the one that leave no scars
Dark shades by D-I-O-R-
you get it from you mami? (damn!)
Or we can take a trip to Miami
Tear the roof off till they flicks spot a lambi (what else)
Marcuilago C?s with
And all you fleas,
And all you Cs, (all y'all)
Midnight dark,
Cock back the spark,
It starts sparkin',
And everything's dark,
And I know where them
She got the fattest ass they got the hottest look 
Leaving wit eight bitches I need some octopus 
See how wale go j four cs 
My lake shore
Coast win; when the West Coast is clicking up?
So please, no set tripping about Cs and Bs
It's the Westside connected with the D.P.G.s
For the cheese
but then a younger sprays
CS gas, everybody run, bro
You've gotta love the city in the sun, bro, ya dun know

That's what we call T-shirt weather in

[Verse 4]
From cops got our feet tired
Everybody split up anybody get caught
Son just keep quiet,
These C`s watchin` me,
Two CDS` of armed