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at the
company that'll say "naw." Like, Dave LottI f***ed with me, my
n**** Mel brought me to a bunch of labels. Jessica Rivera, man
"Man, you n****z is stupid
or not you're not gon' be the fucking pilot
I know you know my number you can dial it (dial it)
You got to know by now
That I'm really unstoppable
while you're hands still clap
It's funny
Just dissin' you I can make money
But no one's tippin'
My message is simple: Ya' slippin!

E-N-O, S-R-K
of the dope stuff 
So in the record store, you can't pass by us 
GET the album, HEAR THE MUSIC 
And hold on so you just don't lose it 
As a reference, for
you want to be, 
You're gonna have to learn pimpology.
Pimpology, a pimp's profession.
Can't be effected by the Great Depression.
So if you want
their rhymes up
N9ne's a mindfuck
I'm the kind to design the crime
Bury them all in lime
Your shine's behind us
Stop you can do it all day
My last album sold a million copies.
Me and the maestro, laying the beat.
DJ scratches from my homeboy Pete.
Dangerous music is what you hear.
with the factories pa
I'm bound to wreck the whip and turn insurance out, make 'em shout

D.C. (c'mon) Oakland (c'mon) U.K. (c'mon) c'mon down!
N9ne units sold
And whoever you bitch niggas is saying, I'm kicking it in Lee Joes log
Lee Joe'll tell you I'm original, and by the way Lee Joe my dog!
dominate it
Yeah, emails from Rick Rubin, dinner with No ID
Chilling with B-I-G D-A-D-D-Y K-A-N-E
Not many get to what I do by any means
Thinking they slick
A B C D E 
F G H I J 
K L M  N  O 
P Q R S T 
U V W X Y 

. : MC SHAN : .


Translated title: 
and turn insurance out, make 'em shout

C'mon down

New Orleans
Little Rock
question is, who am I? Who is this?
Is it live, is it real, is it here, is it deep,
Can you summarize with letters
Like (J-B-K-N-Y-D-O-D-D-J-M-C)
Is it,
featuring J Treds 


Mr. Len  a.k.a. Space Ghost  please commence intro 

Company Flow  perform  J Treds  prepare 

El P
miraculously, microphone majesty
Music messiah mastered money makin mathematically
(N!) Naturally negative, Notorious, Naughty Nature
Nasty New York nigga