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the heat from your breath, 
Rap niggas beef in they album probably needed the press
And as a man I never found the slightest need to impress
Another man
and put it right by my cereal
Hip hop that’s my shit and I’mma take the time to put it out
I’m indecisive, but I’m packing bowls when in doubt
I could
firearms and one pound of marajuana
Apprehended by four US marshalls by the state of Washington

They thought it was over but it just started
And some
like this could even make the devil commit suicide 
hung from a tree on Johannesburg with no parachute 
Big-Bigfoot captured by UFO's 
Haloes were
say I gotta odd sense of humor, killer clown sittin' still by the window
Tough links in a crimson cape, sat there with my lipstick smudged
I got
a G-4 private jet
Bet you get more than grazed by the nine
Laid by the side
Oh you out of bullets? Here, take some of mine
And clowns hate how I lock
the phone with God, he said - I know this might seem odd
But Bubba I really need you, these preachers ain't doin they job
So travel to Cape Cod, buy
excitement will lead to your indictment
Whether or not you like it, still, number one I hype it
Your album, rewrite it

        How many MC's, wannabemceez
cryin, pullin on my cape
Massive meltdown, bring the red tape
Back up victims who caught the vapes
New lp, time to make papes
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