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The stage becomes a catacomb, I rap like a mummy
Not for the money, I could have sampled Diana Ross a long time ago
My mind of flow is like motor
Goddamn (damn) speed got my heart racin',
See I don't have the nominations, you can blame it on my occupation,
Caesar salad, Caesar's Palace,
You not a boss
And if lovin girls is wrong I don't want to be right 
'Cause my man Babyface said that it's no crime 
And of course I'll work Diana Ross overtime 
Verse 1: 

Yo  Yo  Aye Yo! 

I stand outside the gates of Buckingham Palace  selling reefer 

Puffing a challis with the beef eaters.
let's hit the strip and smash
Bright casino lights bouncing off the tinted glass
Pull up to the Caesars Palace, pour Louis in the glass