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And he thinks he's Hank Williams
Hear him singin' through the door
There's a girl in 202
Who stops by to visit me
And she talks about her songs
Who's the son of some well-known
He was brought in by his mother
'Cause his daddy's always gone
There's a bum from down on broadway
And a few
trapped like we in a maze
Misbehave, refuse, to be a slave
And you can't break me, if the Lord want me, let him take me
Respect mine, I'm livin'life by
bitch, you need to run and go get your frigity-friends
I'm looking at your bum-stickity-bum, hun
The mickity mack's bickity back, don't act wickity-wack

Just like bums, we used to stay
In the slums of LA, by the way
Gang-bangers killin' each other for reps
Sellin' rock cocaine on my
be like "That's some shit"
Playing yo bum ass, they be like "That's some shit"
Y'all are bubbles with the rapping
Lil Dicky get it popping, you