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The wheel of fortune
Goes spinning around
Will the arrow point my way?
Will this be my day?

Oh, wheel of fortune

When I was a kid I had a chip up on my shoulder
It ain't getting better even though I'm getting older
People get offended by the way I talk so
music, this is gun clap music
Load it up, cock it back and blast to it

[Fredro Starr]
Yo, who shot ya?  It's too late to try to operate
Hard escape
erreicht mein' Swag
Digga, fick dein Image, ihr seid bloß fake
Jeder von euch Lookalikes wär' gern Kay
Fenster runter, Drive-By auf dich Hater bam bam
up like "what happened?"
I like red light parties and fed right bodies
Who like, red like dolly and head right totties at night
Aribou kay
get out of it
Any and all should fall, many are small should call
Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all
Show hope, show no hope and can't cope,