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People lined for miles
Just to see 'em

Jim Croce's in the corner
The Big Bopper's by the stairs
Ricky Nelson's in the kitchen
But nobody cares
Time: 2:52 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Engineered by jim linker and rob klohs at dolphin
happiness I've known.

You see me coming, you wink your eye and call me Captain Jim.
And when I don't do nothing but walk on by you say babe, get a load
How do you feel about that?

Cult Leader eh ha ha ha

Yea there comparing you, to you know like Jim Jones or Davey Koresh

You know that's real
The next day I arose still kickin the same clothes
I had to make a decision
Even though I lost her my friends still gave me recognition
Bein recognized by
(North Carolina)
Seran down the v, coke in the whip he bought the cheaper (Chicago)
Notorious secrets? nah with secret indictments
Jim indicted but
on the countdown (North Carolina)
Seran down the V, coke in the whip...he bought the Chaper (Chicago)
Notorious secrets? Nah with secret indictments
Jim indicted but
likely I'll gagger that bullish I pull ish like a magnet 
A dragnet, I don't drag I gets net income, yo bums I rush like 
I'm royal when I
watch it in my boxers
Wash myself when my mom yells dress, and just breakfast
Guess it's time to bum with the triumvirate
Love that shit, crushin'
You no comp, for roast pigs, I delete
Your style is neckbone, my cab rides by your street

I twist the bums out the project, elevator lights