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in that old back room
He'd bop his head and say, "Damn, oh, that's you?"
But by the 'Black Album', I was blackin' out
Party at S.O.B's and we had
of the camera man
Bullets attack you and ordered by the hammer pin
Crills and porn leave you blood spilled and torn
We breed hate like the mother of a still born
One the head fones is on fire this time around styles
My blood pressure up bear wit me
Last time ima tell theses niggas man, niggas can fuck around
'cause I ain't tryin' to go to hell
As the blood spills from my pen
It's time to confess my sins, 'cause I ain't tryin' to go to hell
I smoke weed, pop
It's not usual, the game be, all up on some South shit
Straight west coasting, you can tell by my outfit
Red 'nati fitted, "Blood in, Blood out"
smack niggaz when they don't feel Keith's right direction 

Put niggaz in fear  the bullets in they head section 

Pick up drug dollars  leave rings
You fucking dummies, you can't take nothing from me 
It's the longest waited, the most anticipated, the album amputated 
Scream the name out Killah
make a deal off of blood money
Make an album off the drug money
Take the label money and launder it under the table money
And open businesses
The headphones is on fire dis time around, Styles 
Blood Pressure 
y'all just bear wit me 
Yo, last time I'ma tell these niggas, man 
Can't fuck
For education and culture, heads is waitin' for Mos to
Do the album with Kweli, we do it like we suppose to
Nobody come close to my crew, we wild nice
Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out
Giva fuck

[Sticky Fingaz]
This is AK-47, banana clip rap
Bloodstain your album cover before it get wrapped
and tongue of Malcolm
Tellin' my publicist, fuck this government
Go 'head and make my album, this is the judgment
Vacate the island, billions will start
chains I could spot biters for acres
Now be gracious, these minstools turn a bully's psycho civil
By dissolving the candy coated image down to the pixels
and I got it covered
Somehow always rise above it
Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover?
The game is all mine and I'm mighty
It’s all up in my head
Aye, aye
It’s all up in my head
It’s all up in my head

I’m from Canada, I’m from Canada
Used to be an addict now I’m
So what you sayin'?

Puttin heads to bed, straight out the box
MC's, are jumpin' out shoes and socks
I'm not playin', understand what I'm sayin'
Man f*** am I hungover and god damn I got a head ache
S*** half a Vicodin why can't I?
"All systems ready for take off please stand by"

Sometimes I
Yo, I bought that album man, it's wack man
I'm tellin you, I don't like it
I'ma be honest man
I'm dead up, I'm serious
I don't
(Ludacris) Verse 1

I just touched down in killa Cali,
Strapped up my boots,
Got scooped up by Game,
So I hopped up in the coupe,
Gaah, What up
We the best, so we marching like
They follow me

Okay, it's blood sweat and tears, it'd be the realest shit I ever wrote
Never stop or giving
so we marching like (left, right, left, right)
Oh they follow me

Well it's the highly underrated, album so anticipated
Mr. not intimidated by you
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album)
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album)
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz
Crawling, just to make a statement
In this matrix 
Subconsciously gazing the soft shell of a man
Somehow found, amazing!
By the department of sanitation
wrong, got four albums; stay consistant
You got a bodyguard, I let my nigga tote the biscuit
Twist ya cap back, you got blood off on ya fur hat
Cap, cap,
of the Syndicate alliance
Ballin', makin' ya feel the growth
Rhyme Syndicate brotherhood, we rock a blood oath
Radical posse down to death
While your crew's