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a P.C. phyrric victory
When I was young P.C. meant Police Constable
Nowadays I can't seem to tell the difference

Liposuction for your bad mouth boy
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas run this
 Bad Boy

Bad Boy
Cause everybody know that D-P-GC, Bad Boy niggas
bang don't stop
P-p-p-pow in sync when the glock go pop
P-p-p-pow dead body boys rollin along
I brings it home and my momma help me bury the bones
Digging in the scene with the gangsta lean
Mama's bad boy

[Master P]
But I live with the juveniles, grew up in the ghetto
Back in the Calliope projects I
Its bad boy, baby

We go by the name of q, mike, slim, daron
And this is part three
You know, like the third album
Like the third time we been here
tears are for

A walking poster boy for all that's good
He got swallowed by the cracks before he understood
She likes to think he loved her but it
Title : Ghetto Model

Artist : Master P f/ Theresa Esclovon

Album : Good Side Bad Side

[Theresa Esclovon]
I see something I want, and poppy that's
that's us baby)
Oh cool
Ok if you can please hold, I'll try Mr. combs again

(So wassup ya'll, how ya'll feelin' bout this?)
(This Bad Boy ...
Usually calm, but when it's on, nigga trained
To drop the bomb, word to my mom
Ya'll niggaz playin

[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
Yeah, Bad Boy
My niggas walkin' up, pullin' up, fuck a drive by 
'cause the nigga on the passenger side automatically die 
Capable to slide, wit' a you-P-T 
Yeah [x4]

(P. Diddy)
This Bad Boy baby
N.E., 2004
Bad Boy now

The name's DeVoe
A.K.A. Blake, oh
Make young lady's rump shake
I bake Donald Trump
I'm not gonna cry
I'm a Bad Boy killer, Jay-Z die too
Looking out for Mobb Deep: nigga, when I find you
Weak motherfuckers don't deserve to breathe
(can y'all hear me?) can y'all hear him? (fuck why'all! hahaha)

He says fuck y'all (fuck you every motherfucker)
No, that's bad, we love y'all fans
Hail mary from the graves, the Lord is with thee
Bless these thugs (Uuuugh) as we ride (As we ride)
Good side, bad side

[Master P]
Til death do us

Where them boys at?
(Where they at)
Where them girls at?
(There they go)

(Master P)
Call bugs on the phone
Whodi meet me by the dome
. Diddy]
Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam
Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall
Well let's see how Rob be
Master P
Golds in They Mouth Lyrics
[Chorus 2X: Master P]
Them boys from the south.. got golds in they mouth..
Don't trust them when this sun
Let's take your car and mess around at the park all day

The parachutes at Riverview Park will shake us up all day
And Disneyland and p.o.p. is worth
and then some
Shout out to Asian girls, let the lights dim sum
Shots came, I don't know where they was sent from
Probably some bad hoes about to take
Let's take your car and mess around at the park all day

The parachutes at Riverview Park will shake us up all day
And Disneyland and p.o.p. is worth
By way to Overtown and look at this city
Open to Grove and the South Miami
Wedwood Highlear, look Eddie, look 'Bana
Some many ice P-Rhymes rich
on them pills
Dade County dope-boy, best believe I'm 'bout dat doe 
Chose come up get em yep, we ain't really by that def
Yeah, I'm the future, got
those jeans 
The way you dropping it is killing me 
I'll meet you in the V.I.P 

When you sizzling want to lay you on the floor 
I'm a bad boy just
constantly tryin' to find a reason why
Because I'm a Bad Boy they wanna label me a bad guy
Now who am I?

It's P. Diddy muthafucka

Do or die?

P-p-p-pocket full of money
You know we're ‘bout that club life, thug life
Got this bitch bumping like a bug bite, club life
Pocket full of money (we rollin')