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a nigga by surprise, I was astounded
He a real cool dude but why he call me clownin'?

You say'n you don't know bout it? Know bout what?
across the street
And then it hit, I ain't really slept that long in a week
Matter fact I don't even remember falling asleep

Atlantic office claimin' J
white hope
Hey yo, Preemo, should I hit 'em with the rope of dope
Sea shells, sea shells by the sea shore
But now I'm slap, tap and a rap an' attack
stayed on the raps 'til we made it on the map
By then, No I was my main guy
He and I was like Chi-town's Gang Starr
We had came far together, with a long
Consider me the clothes on your back and a warm meal
Who knows, this might just get you a deal
And the day that your album go on sale for the first hour
playin' Wooden Leather, that's alright
Nah nuh-uh we not broke up
Left Atlantic records, we woke up
Yeah yeah Skinny's doin' fine
Florida is special,
Hop, hop, hop, word

Where do we go, where do we go, where do we go, go now from here?
Ghost showers got you by the hour, holding you, taking
(tell 'em girl)

Hey yo, my rolls be Liberace
And my bedroom is off the hook all day, designed by Versace
Y'all just watch me, this is
I'm like a Bat Out of Hell, being pulled by Black Stallions.
Waiting for Metallica to make another Black Album.
Created a stone age cage, I'm fenced
the Bell Atlantic
More hoes than forty-deuce
More clothes than twenty cleptos could boost
I'm not having it
I bring it to your label, producer and your