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Niggas be askin' me like, "Man you took all that time off
I understand you had to get your mind right or whatever
you was doin' but I'm just curious
as time went by us
And I blew up to both yours and mines surprises.
Now I feel a vibe I just can't describe it
Much as your pride tries to hide it. your
the morning after and now all the laughter is gone
Time to reflect on what you did cause they saying you wrong
I'm sure you had your reasons dawg
I don't
Better keep my mouth closed, so they can't see the shining
They think it was Z-Ro, cause all they seen was diamonds
I'm cold as a deep freeze, with bags
you know something about it, but that's not me ya heard me
I told ya, it ain't bout the fame and the bitches and all that shit there
It's about being