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surprised we were to hear from you so soon again and to receive your lovely present of two turtle doves 
You really are too kind 
At first the partridge was
operative team
Everytime a black leader steps up, he gets trampled
Do I start makin speeches or just lead by example?

I'm damned if I do, and damned
All the girls that hold it down, getting beat on by they man
Respect women, I don't care if they a 2 or a 10
We don't beat on Kat Stacks, we just
lead by example in my sound-proof room
and the comp gets trampled on my wack-proof stage
and my answers be ample in the packed classroom
'cause my
They get trampled from
The n****s you brought
So move over

That's how bouncers
Get f***ed up

When you get your guns
Outta the stash
Recording of this album!
I got it with this gift certificate I won at the save
The sea turtles marathon run dude!
Check it out! I wrote all of the lyrics
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