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Jerusalem Arise! Live Worship With Paul Wilbur From The Land Of Israel (Hosanna! Music Mass Choir) · The Wilbur De Paris New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (Wilbur De Paris & His New New Orleans Jazz Band) · The Very Best of Wilbur DeParis (Wilbur De Paris) · Uproarious Twenties in Dixieland/Wilbur and His New Orleans Orchestra (Wilbur De Paris) · Paul Simon Album: Broadway Sings the Best of Paul Simon (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Paul the Young Dude: The Best of Paul Gilbert (Paul Gilbert) · Paul Desmond Quintet Plus the Paul Desmond Quartet (Paul Desmond) · Paul Desmond Quintet Plus the Paul Desmond Quartet (Paul Desmond) · Paul the Young Dude: The Best of Paul Gilbert (Paul Gilbert) · Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat, Vol. 1/Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat, Vol. 2 (Paul Mauriat) – and 90 other albums »

This was an instrumental piece composed by orchestral string arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster and has no lyrics . It featured on the 1971 album
tired of your Shit
You don't never buy me nothin'
See every time you come around
You got to bring Jim, James, Paul, & Tyrone
See why can't we be by
Kick it in, Paul

And yes yes y'all
Yo, can we take this up a little higher?
To the next plateau?
Yo D, you want to show em
a hammer than a nail

*written by Bob Geldof
*taken from the album "The Happy Club"
check it out
I`m in the mix like a blender

Stay right down the street from Paul from the Diamond Center
I used to cut grass for a livin`
But now I
do I explain my little cranial expressions
Intuition, premonition, or demonic possession?
It could be God, an angel, or my dead uncle Paul
Or that
Then maybe he stop savin' all the good beats for himself
Rocafella's only n****z that help

My money was thinner than Sean Paul's goatee hair
Uh! Its that boy Magnificent
AKA Maaagno
The Rookie Of Da Year
Be on the lookout for that solo album coming soon

It's Magnificent, but you
look good
Those a hundred proof nigga tell you different, he a liar
Drop 1 album, set the world on fire
I will not stop and I wont retire
You niggas
all know each other
With the command of your voice, they all
Become lovers, lovers, lovers, lovers

[Mike Jones]
I can catch boppers like Paul
By the type of motherfuckers who ain't scared of shit
And if you playing this album, and I'm no longer here
And sometime far away from when I recorded
instrumental, vibrations is what I'm into
Yeah I need my loot by rent day
But that ain't what gives me the heart of Kunta Kinte
I'm tryin' to give us us free like
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southern niggas in these streets
Yeah I'm candy flipper, you can have a picture
While I pose like a playa, by the candy with ya
Koopa never have no time,
the fries
Would you stick by my side?
Would you ride?
Would you roll?
Would you go?
Need to know, Need to know
Hit a slump
What if business was slow?
[Mike Jones]
What my motherfuckin name!
Mike Jones...... Who?
Mike Jones.......Who?
Mike Jones...My album "Who Is Mike Jones" coming soon
to the Bahamas
Two first class seats, me and hot mama
Two weeks then, back to greenhouse headquarters
More albums on orda'
More hard drives on orda'
y'all, while you hope the don fall
But I'll come inside the tunnel, nigga, wit pope john paul
Yo, them niggas on the wall frontin', they ain't no harm