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fountain of praise begins with Thee
It flows from Your heart above
Mercy like rain comes cleansing and free
To shower Your children in love
The thirst
Album : Parade of chaos (2002) We march like fools in a parade of chaos. We march like fools in a parade of chaos. While we sing their praises. Led
O magnify the precious name of Jesus,
Wonderful Grace of Jesus, reaching the most defiled;
By its transforming power, 
Making me
(Sanford Bennett/Joseph Webster)
From Album: Amazing Grace 3 - A Country Salute to Gospel

There's a land that is fairer than day
And by faith we can
the precious name of Jesus
Praise His name!

Wonderful grace of Jesus
Reaching to all the lost
By it I have been pardoned
Saved to the uttermost
Don't be confused
You're back in time again
It's funny but it's true
They state your case
Praise your name and the last place
Where you lived without
to be humble
When I do the breaststroke through an underground tunnel
And come up on the other side in a Jacuzzi
Being greeted by two naked models with
A harpie chants, fire fountains glow,
virgin of snow burnt by the torch
of the one with no shadow.
I saw his face, I've seen him before,
mountaim winds uplift me high
Into the magic fountain the force within the light
I covet every vision when I'm allowed to die
Leave this earthly mission
[KRS One] 

Give it to em! 

Nuff respect! And praise to the creator 

Over the years it seems that I became a 

landmark  in the hip hop
a jacuzzi 
Being greeted by two naked models with suds on thay booties. 
They give me hugs and lots of kisses 
And they ask me what my wish is I say 
still want to know when the album coming out
Ask the teenagers, OG's and Ask the kids
What they definition of Classic is
Timeless, cause age don't
The place lays phased like a warrior slayed
Engraved into the space with his sword still raised
Layers of charcoal sprayed through hallways
your bastard style has just been stuck
By a sticker with a 'frigerator lickin'
What if how's about why would
Never thought that the napalm would bust
still want to know when the album comin? out 
Ask the teenagers, O?Gs and Ask the kids 
What they definition of Classic is 
Timeless, cause age don?t
Verse 1: 

Don't underestimate the reach 

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach 

Defari  work for Likwit organize 

Dodger hats
of Ft. Meyers
I got principles nigga that's what I live by
I ain't got rap feature and I'm still alive
Not 1 my 3 album is you surprised worth my
I never put the top down
Shootin at me, find the fountain top of the mountain (chow)
No adultury, bravery is the sacrifice in Jesus Christ
Yessss -
when I come through the ladies praise me or something
Like, Weezy's the man
If you be's where he be's then you leaves with a tan
Cause he's 500
Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Levine
Came a man by myself, only father was time
I know that she relate baby daddy ain't shit
So she raised that
I live my life in the passing lane.

Can you please hold while I write my next album?
All my tracks are on the charts, pull them up and let you
nonstop, it's the first two letters of my name
Competitors are slain by this intelligent gunner
Quick to pop the trunk like an elephant hunter

And you
the days
Now the same motherfucker, where they beg me to play
They said I was a sinner, now they giving me praise
Got a key to the city, and a street in
of Sam's club
I done did dirt and went to church and get my hands scrubbed
Swear I've been baptized each 3 or 4 times
But in the land where niggas praise
a real nigga out of Ft.Myers 
I got principles nigga dats what I live by
Ain't had rap feature and I'm still alive 
Not 1 my 3rd album, is you surprised?