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the goons 'round me 
And yeah I rep my city, bitch 
I'm from Dade County 

Don't you for I really get 'em up throw 'em up, who ya wanna be?
That's what about rep that A-P-T's
Dope-Boy, just call me a Doe Boy
I'm that international boy, Flo-Rida fo' sho boy
Triple C's the second, I get it fo'
by Elen Levon
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mama nail oops
And shot at them fools who touch your brother now boo
And now you goin' tell me we should slow it down, who?
Not Flo Rida I provide
There's only one flo, and rida
I'm a damn shame
Order more champagne, pull it down hell stream
Tryna put it on ya
Bet your lips spin back around
in the streets all I could do is be me
With Flo Rida, nothing in common I'm not a B.O.B
(Hold up) hustle hard and I'm hands-on I'm a good guy that
Chicago July 30, 1942
With Blind John Davis - piano, Big Bill Broonzy - guitar
Alfred Elkins - imb
Album: 'Sugar Mama'
The Essential Recordings
Hypnoztize Mind
The club crazy right now
Hopefully you'll do
Finish it!!

[Chorus: x2]
Would you beat him to the flo in
Lets go!

I ain't even got a fucking album out
And niggas speaking my name! [aha!]
[welcome to detroit city! welcome to detroit
deutsche Artists machen es noch nach
Ich mein', einmal für ein Mixtape ist OK
Aber doch nicht auf ein Album, um dann Clips dazu zu dreh'n
Das bereut Ihr
rough brother,
Word to my grandmother.
I buck you in the head just to let ya know.
Stick you for ya dough, spit on the flo',
Drag it out of ya, bring
Well tell em who ya is shawty)
Don Dadda, Donk Rida
(See what did, I said, imma go and get me a ill nigga who kno bout muthafuckin chevys, inside
'til they head get popped off
By the realest MC, and that's ME!
Joe Crack the Don, I came from the streets
Knee deep in the game, other half in
'til they head get popped off
By the realest MC, and that's ME!
Joe Crack the Don, I came from the streets
Knee deep in the game, other half in
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
Vas-y, va vivre en Floride, toute façon t'as le swag à Flo Rida
C'est ça!
Screamin they love the album, 
and then get near ten thousand when the next one drop 
Haters try to deny the funk, but affected by the bong 
head starts turning on control the vol
Got folks on my shows
Intoxicated vibing
An when the flo' broadens
Start translating through the noggin
the Queen of Rap, you can't have a ghostwriter
And that's why this is my house; Flo Rida
Niggas done seen Drake pennin', Wayne pennin'
And since your first
I don't wanna sell yay
Get my door kicked in by the kkk
Shoulda said the police
Lookin for the quarter piece inside my caprice

from the tracks
thousand dollas make the women sweep the flo' up! (Haaaa!)
I'm Gucci from my tow up! (Oh!)
The liquor got me to' up! (Oh!)
The club promoters give me ten