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Hi-Heel Sneakers

-Artist: Johnny Rivers from "Here We A Go Go Again"-Imperial LP-9274
-charted in 1964 by Tommy Tucker (#11) and Jerry Lee Lewis
When I Get Paid
(Shead, Wilbon) 
Jerry Lee Lewis
Album: The Sun Essential Collection

A-well, I work a-hard
Writers Jerry Lee Lewis, Hughie Piano Smith

Ev'rything I say, is wrong
Ev'ry'thing I do, goes wrong
My honey's tellin' me, 'So
Life Time Blues Track 13 2:42
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee Williamson)
(Noah Lewis) 
With Big Bill Broonzy - guitar, Walter Davis - piano
recoups, and they try to step to this
Nowadays I probably have as much kids as Jerry Lewis
My rhymes drip like a razor, punch like Joe Frazier
I don't
and my man Rick got millions of gold albums
(That's a lie) I'm gettin' cold money every day
(You're a liar)
You'll need a wheel barrow for all that shit in
And the wolves yelled (oww) with 6 x 9's rockin

I remember the doors, I remember live aid
And I remember every year jerry lewis god paid

I remember shit live
Strike match flammable like sulfuric chemical


Stomp like Godzilla, killer no filler
I'm Jerry Lee Lewis yeah great balls of fire
La-la la-la la-la la-la, pretend to sharrrrrre..
Da, da-da, ain't nothin, by D-Twellllllve..

Weed no seeds, last year Cannabis Cup
WITHIN THE WEEK, Jerry Lewis had hosted a Telethon ("Wah wah wah, nice lady!") to raise funds for the injured (injured...) and homeless (homeless...) in