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means she never doubts

Day falls into night
She draws the blind
Calls it a day
And when she wakes
Sees nothing's changed
Straight up.

She just stands
At the counter next to me
I wake up in the bed sometimes
And watch her as she sleeps
In the silence and the sirens
I pray her soul to keep

The Catherine
When the lion dem wake and roar, that mean seh no dog no bark
If a supn dem a prove, then a supn dem a lose when man a get dark

P p p plaque up inna mi
I'm like a Bat Out of Hell, being pulled by Black Stallions.
Waiting for Metallica to make another Black Album.
Created a stone age cage, I'm fenced
to me

I wake up in her bed sometimes
And watch her as she sleeps
In the silence and the sirens
I pray her soul to keep

Everything underneath the skyline
This Disney World's your underworld
Try to escape it 
Just face it you American girl

We all have the same dream we wake up
On a reality series in
When you're all I wake up for each day?

Baby, you're my soul and my heart's inspiration
You're all I've got to get me by
You're my soul and my
She slowly moves her hips aside

But in the middle of the night
She wakes her Mom to turn out the light
Her make-up's on and her jeans are skin tight
ran through 'em


[Verse 3: Shaq]
Somebody wake me up this can't be real
Lookin' in the paper, Shaq's about to make a hundred mil
they take her home
But she always wakes up alone

Men that want to marry her
Never satisfied
In rythms that she hears
All that keeps her high

Hey yo, Chuck, yo the world if sleepin', G
We got to wake everybody up yo
Hey yo, it's goin' down, baby
Let everybody know how it's goin' down,
passes slow
And you'll come around
When the wind blows through October skies
And you wake up in the cold twilight
And you stretch your hand out and there's
fill up
These days I can't wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten holmes I still feel ya

So curse the day that birthed the bastard
As soon as I wake up every day,
I look at the papers to see what they say,
I know most what I read will be a lot of lies,
But then you learn really
some - True Love

You know I wake up every morning
It's the first thing on my mind
This is a permanent condition, of the most serious kind
Now let
an obscenity
Why was I chosen to suffer?
Hoping I wake up 
And the curse has left my soul

Attempts at speech 
Are drowned in laughter
I writhe
Boom, bash, wake up, I set it off right.
Look around, and turn your wet dream to fright night.
You can call me R and B, homies, which stands for
it out the trunk now

This one is for the trunk
Wake up the neighborhood when the dump
Rather it’s ride basic, Eazy, Rocky, Pun
Like my old Reeboks, if
you off with Wake Up from their 2009 album Bohemian Grove, their first and most radical
Remember what the song says: Don't let 'em get you down
and new...
When everything is young, fresh, and new... Ooh-ooh...
Another morning, (wake up wake up) as the night fades away
I wish she would stay
And when you call my phone late at night
Anticipation always burns me up inside

Shimmy my way down underground, polluting airways in my wake
you personally from the bottom of my heart
For takin the time, to ride with me nigga
To wake up to this shit, to go to sleep to this shit
To thug
days I can't wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten, homes I still feel you
So, curse the day that birthed the bastard
Who caused your
and I’m hopping out with the crew
It’s just everyday shit to us, but super hot to you
Uh, I said they made a cold can’t be serial
Wake up with a blunt
in love 
Im in love with you
And there aint nothing nobody can say cuz you're the one for me Baby

When I wake up in the morning it's You
When I